Idaho Master Gardener Handbook by Robert R. Tripepi et al

By Robert R. Tripepi et al

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There are several methods of scarifying seeds. a. In acid scarification, seeds are put in a glass container and covered with concentrated sulfuric acid. The seeds are gently stirred and allowed to soak from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the hardness of the seed coat. When the seed coat has become thin, the seeds can be removed, washed, and planted. b. Another scarification method is mechanical. You may file seeds with a metal file, rub them with sandpaper, or crack them with a hammer to weaken the seed coat.

Examples of fruit types. Chapter 2, The Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook 2 - 12 of dispersal. Maple seeds (samaras) are carried through the air on wings. Cockleburs have barbs or hooks to catch in clothing or animal fur. Small animals gather, transport, and bury nuts, completing the planting of these seeds. These seeds pass through their digestive tracts of animals, such as coyotes, and are widely disseminated. a. Parts of a seed: Every seed has three basic parts: an embryo, a food storage tissue, and a seed coat (Fig.

13. Types of inflorescences. Chapter 2, The Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook 2 - 11 tion occurs when sperm unites with the egg and an embryo begins to grow. A plant is self-fertile if it produces seed with its own pollen. , crosspollination) for fertilization to occur. Often self-sterility is due to incompatibility or a condition where the pollen will not grow through the style. 2. Fruits—Once pollination occurs and the embryo begins to develop, the formation of a fruit begins and seeds develop within the fruit.

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