Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple (1st Edition) by James Olson

By James Olson

A concise review of crucial ideas in scientific pharmacology, with drug comparisons in transparent chart layout. very good Board assessment. Fourth variation.

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F~w seoatlve or extrapyrarr:-0a effects, no hypotensive effects. Some anticholinergic effects. loxaplne (Loxitane) "" Psychoses_ Less sedative and hypotensive effects than chlorpromazine. Similar extrapyramidal effects. Sedation lasts for up to t 2 hours. Clozap'lne (Oozanl) Antipsychotic mechanism unclear. Blocks dopamine receptors as well as cholinergic. adrenergic. serotonergic & histaminergic neurot rans rrission. Schizophrenia in those whom traditional antipsychotics have failed or have produced intolerable side effects.

To OJration: 35-55 11111'1 laei~tate mechanical vent~allon and intubation d·Tubocurerlne (OJrare) ··Not vBgOlyhC. Sm8lI dose prior losuccinyl- Onset: 3-5 mn. choline prevents lasciculallons: Diagnosis 01 myllSltlllmia gravis I)Jratlon: 30-90 mn. To facilitate intl,lbation Onset: 3·5 mn. Duration: 25·90 mn. ClselteCurlum (Nrrbex) Metocurlne (MllIubinej Mlvecurlum ("",aerOll) Rocuronlum (lertlJron) Plpecuronlum (Arduanj Ooxecurlum (l'llfOO'lallj ·. Minimal cardIoVascular alleel. ·. ROI~rIZI~ Suec· nytchollne asculatlOns jAnectlne) (depolarization), then Phasa I QueUCln) block (4 mn block 01 vollage sensitive sodium channels).

Cimetidine increases paroxetine. Paroxetine reduces phenytoin & digoxin and increases warfarin. PO. Well absorbed, extensively metabolized. Effects seen in 1-3 weeks. Substrate for cytochrome CYP206 PO. Twice daily. Reduce dose w/liver dysfunction. Extensively metabolized by liver. Increase effects of triazolam and aprazolam. Po. 2-3 doses/day. Reduce w/renal or hepatic problems. " Substrate for cytochrome CYP206 PO. Metabolized in liver, excreted in the bile. Hepatic enzyme inhibiting and inducing agents.

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