Ciba Foundation Symposium 139 - Proton Passage Across Cell

Law of intracellular pH is key to all residing cells. This symposium covers the keep watch over of pH in muscle and nerve cells and the various mechanisms of acid shipping throughout epithelial and different mobilephone membranes. Papers describe the advance and alertness of microelectrodes and diverse innovations in molecular biology to the research of the mechanisms of protein delivery. additionally discusses the importance of pH law for the motion of hormones and development elements.


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1 was performed in the nominal absence of CO,/HCO, buffers; furthermore, the pH, recovery has been shown to be insensitive to the application of the stilbene anion-exchange inhibitor. DIDS (4,4’-diisothiocyanoto-stilbene-2,2’disulphonic acid) (Vaughan-Jones 1982, Vanheel et al 1984). Consequently, there is unlikely to be an influence on pH, recovery from CI-/HCO,- exchange or from a Na+-dependent CI-/HCO,- exchanger. ----- ’“[ 7 NH4C I o - NH4CI NH4CI I 2 Y FIG. 1 . Intracellular pH recovery from an acid load is slowed by Na+, removal and by amiloride.

Another point: when you compare the activation curves of intracellular pH versus activity of the exchanger (Fig. e. the intracellular Na+ concentration is changing. Vaughan-Jones: The first question is: do variations in Ca2+ concentration influence Na+/H+ exchange directly? If you raise the internal Ca2+concentration, this produces a fall in pH,, even in the presence of amiloride, so the influence of Ca2+ on pH, is independent of the Na+/H+ exchanger. The second question is: does a rise of intracellular Na+ affect the exchanger?

G. 10 mM 2-deoxyglucose added to glucose-free Tyrode) can dramatically impede pH, recovery from an acid load (ammonia pre-pulse) while also inhibiting the transient rise in alNC1 that normally accompanies the pH, recovery. The reason for this inhibition is not yet established but it would, for example, be consistent with a requirement of Na+/H+exchange for phosphorylation by protein kinase C. C1-IHC0,- exchange The possible existence of CI-/HCO,- exchange in non-epithelial tissues has been obscured by the recent realization that some anion-exchange systems also transport Na+ ions (Thomas 1984).

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