Characterization of Integrated Circuit Packaging Materials by Thomas Moore

By Thomas Moore

Chapters during this quantity deal with very important features of IC applications. Analytical innovations acceptable for IC package deal characterization are validated via examples of the size of severe functionality parameters and the research of key technological difficulties of IC applications. matters are mentioned which impact various package deal kinds, together with plastic surface-mount applications, airtight applications, and complex designs reminiscent of flip-chip, chip-on-board and multi-chip models.

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These estimated val­ ues of the work of adhesion are compared with observed adhesion strengths. Fur­ thermore, the effects of various factors—such as moisture, temperature, and mold release agents—on adhesion and the role of adhesion in surface mount operations and package reliability are discussed. Finally, the outlook for future mold com­ pounds is briefly presented. 2 Thermodynamic Consideration of Adhesion Although the task to make two very dissimilar materials stick to each other seems intractable, thermodynamic considerations provide insight into the adhesion of mold compounds.

Kelsall. 29th International Reliability Physics Sym. 1991, p. 160. io L. Wagner. ASM MetaL· Congress. Doc. No. 8305-002, ASM International, Metals Park, O H , 1983. 6 SUMMARY 25 11 R. K. Lowry and J. H. Linn. Semiconductor InternationaL 174, May 1991. 12 A. A. Gallo. 28th International Reliability Physics Sym. 1990, p. 244. 13 M. K. Shell and S. Golwalkar. 29th International Reliability Physics Sym. 1991, p. 152. 26 IC PACKAGE RELIABILITY TESTING Chapter 1 2 Mold Compound Adhesion and Strength SAMUEL S.

16). 16 best show the extent of intermetallic formation. In the past, excessive intermetallic and void formation has been referred to as "purple plague" (a reference to the purple color of AuAl2 which is not directly tied to the actual failure mechanism). Excessive intermetallics and voiding are now commonly seen only on devices which have been overheated. For example, devices with high operating temperatures and exposed to a high temperature operating life test (HTOL) can exhibit this failure mechanism due to the temperature/time exposure.

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