Calcium and phosphorus metabolism by James T Irving; Felix Bronner; Gideon A Rodan

By James T Irving; Felix Bronner; Gideon A Rodan

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It is surprising that the liver stored so little of the vitamin. Vitamin D was associated in the bloodstream with globulin, probably a-globulin (Rikkers and DeLuca, 1967); the binding was specific for vitamin D3 and more effective than the binding of D2 or D4. , 1969). More recently Haddad and Chyu (1971) reported that 85% of 25-HCC was bound to an inter-ar-globulin, and 10% was associated with albumin. The molecular weight of the binding protein was 40,000-50,000, and cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol were less competitive in protein binding.

It has been known for some time that this sugar improved calcium retention and could alleviate parathyroid tetany (McCullagh and McCullagh, 1932). Fournier (1954) felt that lactose plays a specific and important role in calcium metabolism. Wasserman and his group have studied this phenomenon in some detail. , 1957a). As with lysine, lactose had to be given at the same time as calcium, and be in the same segment of the intestine. Its action was local in the intestine, since if it was given intraperitoneally, no effect was seen.

A very good evaluation of balance methods has been written by Isaksson and Sjögren (1967). Calcium Loss in Sweat An important finding is that calcium can be lost in significant amounts in sweat, especially under hot conditions. Consolazio et al. (1962) reported that as much as 20 mg/hour could be lost in this way; consequently, with heavy sweating the loss might be 30% of the total excretion. Urinary calcium did not decrease in compensation for that lost in the sweat, even in man acclimated to work at high temperatures.

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