Buddhist monastic discipline : the Sanskrit Prātimoksa by Charles S. Prebish

By Charles S. Prebish

Major Buddhist monastic disciplinary texts are, for the 1st time, translated into English. they're revealed on dealing with pages for ease of comparability. one of many texts is that of a really early Buddhist tuition first showing within the 4th century B.C., and the opposite is one no longer pointed out within the files until eventually the seventh century A.D. The contrasting texts therefore spotlight the advance of Buddhist sectarian practices.Two introductory chapters precede the translated Sutras. the 1st offers an summary of the increase of Buddhist monsticism; analyzes Vinaya, that component to the Buddhist canon regulating the lifetime of priests and nuns; and provisionaly identifies the problematics inherent in Pratimoksa examine, pointing, how to wanted study. the second one bankruptcy describes how the 2 translated Sutras have been chanced on and edited.

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Bowing down to the Lion of the Sakyas, and a reverential salute having been made, I will proclaim the Pratimoksa, and let one hear that Vinaya from me. 15. And having heard that, let one act here as proclaimed by the great sage; by making an effort [and] by being without [even] minute sins. 16. For one who constantly, quickly, and with effort pursues his horselike mind with statements from the mouth [of the Buddha], Pratimoksa is like the bit of a bridle from which one hundred sharp thorns are shot.

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