BSD UNIX toolbox : 1000+ commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and by Chris Negus; François Caen

By Chris Negus; François Caen

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15918 port entries found..................................... Another tool for upgrading installed ports is portmanager. After installing portmanager, you can upgrade port skeletons for whatever ports you choose. Here are some examples: # cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmanager # make install clean # portmanager -u # portmanager math/gnumeric 28 Compile and install portmanager. qxd:Toolbox 3/29/08 10:41 AM Page 29 Chapter 2: Installing FreeBSD and Adding Software Auditing Installed Packages The portaudit command (pkg_add -r portaudit) lets you check your installed packages for known security vulnerabilities.

Com), with or without the FreeBSD handbook. qxd:Toolbox 3/29/08 10:41 AM Page 14 Chapter 2: Installing FreeBSD and Adding Software You can also learn where to download free ISO images for supported FreeBSD architectures from the Getting FreeBSD page. Supported architectures include: Intel i386, Alpha/AXP, AMD 64-bit (Athalon64, Athlon64-FX or Opteron), ia64, PowerPC, and Sparc64. html page, you can access FreeBSD documentation that can help you if you hit any snags during installation. For example, select the FAQ for installation tips, supported hardware, bootloaders, and other topics you need to get started.

This file is set by the value of $HISTFILE. qxd:Toolbox 3/29/08 10:42 AM Page 37 Chapter 3: Using the Shell in memory. bash_history file. bash_history 500 500 To list the entire history, type history. To list a previous number of history commands, follow history with a number. txt 979 history To move among the commands in your history, use the up arrow and down arrow. When a command is displayed, you can use the keyboard to edit the current command like any other command: left arrow, right arrow, Delete, Backspace, and so on.

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