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Dm C To see him obviously framed Dm C Couldn't help but be ashamed to live in a land Em Am F C G Am F Am F Where justice is a game Am F Now all the criminal in their coats and their ties Am F Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise Am F While Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten foot cell Am F And innocent man in a living hell C F That's the story of the Hurricane C F But it won't be over till they clear him name Dm C And give him back the time he's done Dm C Put in a prison cell but one time he could've been Em Am F C G Am F Am F The champion of the world I And I Bob Dylan Am C G Been so long since a strange woman slept in my bed, D See how sweet she sleeps, Am C G How free must be her dreams.

Ab Eb Bb I cursed one time then rode on ahead.

Bb Ab Eb Bb We came to the pyramids all embedded in ice. " Ab Eb Bb Twas then that I knew what he had on his mind. Bb Ab Eb Bb The wind it was howling and the snow was outrageous. Ab Eb Bb We chopped through he night and we chopped through he dawn. Ab Eb Bb When he died I was hoping that it wasn't contagious, Ab Eb Bb But I made up my mind that I had to go on. Bb Ab Eb Bb I broke into the tomb but the casket was empty Ab Eb Bb There were no jewels no nothing, I felt I'd been had. Ab Eb Bb When I saw that my partner was just being friendly, Ab Eb Bb When I took up his offer I must-a been mad Bb Ab Eb Bb I picked up his body and I dragged it inside, Ab Eb Bb Threw down into the hole and I put back the cover.

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