Biomaterials-25th Anniversary: Silver Medal Papers

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Note that the cell surface in(a) is smooth with no sign of previous cell contact with the overlay material in contrast to the appearance in (b). Also, the torn cell layer surrounding the overlay area in (b) is significantly thicker than in (a). (Field width = (a) 1107 pm and (b) 830/Jm. 2 78 Biomaterials 198 7, Vol 8 July The Biomaterials Silver Jubilee Compendium 39 Tissue response to bioactive glass: T. E. Davies and possessed a granular surface. In limited areas a more typical fibrillar collagenous appearance was observed (Figure 6 c).

J. Clin. , Fracturing dialysis osteodistrophy and dialysis osteodistrophy and dialysis encephalopathy, An epidemiological survey. , An outbreak of dialysis dementia due to aluminum in the dialysate, J. , Aluminum distribution in Biomaterials 1984, Vol 5 January 17 34 The Biomaterials Silver Jubilee Compendium Systemic effects: J. , Ann. Clin. Lab. , Trace metal changes in dialysis fluid and blood of patients on haemodialysis, Int. J. Art. , Organometallic corrosion products: An in vivo and in vitro comparison.

Firstly, the interface between the host bone and the ventral surface of the overlay as seen in Figures 3 (a, b and c) and 4 (a and b ). Secondly, the interface created between the dorsal overlay surface and the colonizing bone cells as seen in Figures 6(b, c and d~ 7(a and b), 8(a and b) and 9. E Davies Figure 2 SEMs of osteoblasts from the endocrania/ surface of rat catvaria which have migrated onto overlays of quartz glass (a) and 45S5 bioactive glass (b) after a 1 wk culture period. Note that the cell coverage and migratory ceil morphology is similar on both overlays.

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