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Instead of installing heaters the full-load amperes (FLA) of the motor is set with a dial. The ESP100 overload relay illustrated below, for example, is adjustable from 9 to 18 amperes. NEMA Class 10, 20, and 30 trip curves are available for a variety of applications. The relay comes in either a manual or self-resetting version. Auxiliary contacts are available as an option. 32 Siemens 3RB12 Electronic Overload Relay Review 3 In addition to heaterless construction and phase loss protection, the 3RB12 offers ground fault protection, phase unbalance, LED displays (ready, ground fault, and overload), automatic reset with remote capability, and selectable trip classes (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30).

This type of starter is a good method for applications requiring frequent starts. The starting torque is lower compared to other methods of reduced voltage starters. Applications: Central Air Conditioning Equipment, Compressors Primary Resistance Starter This is a simple and effective starting method. The motor is initially energized through a resistor in each of the three incoming lines. Part of the voltage is dropped through the resistors. The motor receives 70% to 80% of the full-line voltage.

The ESP100 trips within ____________ seconds of loss of one of the power-supply phases. 6. The maximum load current of a size S2 Sirius 3R starter is ____________ amps. 7. The correct overload relay for a 3TF54 contactor is ____________ . Multi-Speed and Reversing Starters Full-voltage AC magnetic multi-speed controllers are designed to control squirrel-cage induction motors for operation at two, three, or four different constant speeds, depending on motor construction. The speed of a constant-speed motor is a function of the supply frequency and the number of poles and is given in the following formula: Synchronous Speed in RPM = 120 x Frequency Number of Poles The speed in RPM is the synchronous speed or the speed of the rotating magnetic field in the motor stator.

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