Autoregulation of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic by Dao-YaoHe, and Dorit Ron

By Dao-YaoHe, and Dorit Ron

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The nature of the "reddening" was not discussed further by the authors, therefore its significance is uncertain. Pulmonary function was not evaluated in these animals. No gross or histopathological lesions of the lungs were noted in three rabbits that died following exposure to 165 mg/kg/day HMX solution for 4 weeks (Army 1974). These data are too limited to draw firm conclusions regarding the respiratory effects of HMX after dermal exposure. Cardiovascular Effects. No studies were located regarding cardiovascular effects in humans after dermal exposure to HMX.

Data regarding the musculoskeletal effects of HMX in animals are limited to a single study. No gross or histopathological lesions were noted in the bones or skeletal muscle of mice exposed to 90 mg/kg/day HMX for 13 weeks (Army 1985b). The data suggest that musculoskeletal effects are not of concern following exposure to relatively low doses of HMX, but this has not been well studied. Hepatic Effects. No studies were located regarding hepatic effects in humans after oral exposure to HMX. Several studies have reported hepatic effects in animals following exposure to HMX.

There appear to be some species- and sex-dependent differences regarding the sensitivity to HMX-mediated lethal and neurological effects. However, since these effects have only been described in animals, their relevance to human exposures to HMX is uncertain. The potential of HMX to cause reproductive and developmental effects has not been well investigated in animals. In addition, the toxicokinetic data for HMX are very limited. A limited number of in vitro studies report that HMX is not mutagenic.

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