Asgard and the Gods by Wilhelm Wagner

By Wilhelm Wagner

This publication is an entire and renowned English account of the non secular ideals and superstitious customs of the previous Norsemen. Partial Contents: Odin, Wodan, Wuoton, Yggdrasil, the World-Ash, impact of Christianity, the Runic Language, Dwarfs and Elves, Giants, Loki, trip to Wafthrudnir, Frigg, Quern Stones, Ogir, Ases, Baldurs demise, Ragnarok.

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Who inspired both warhke and poetical enthusiasm. god of was placed under the protection of the war, while the art of poetry divine Bragi, who was unknown German Nerthus and of Earth, yet the Rinda were honoured as such the queen of heaven, lawful . same the Northern Jord and ; who was raised to the position of Odin's Another cause of the increase of the number of wife. the great Germanic race was spread, and as the goddess from Freya was also derived Frigg, country over which divinities is attributable to the vast extent of dinavia, Freya, the god- in earlier times.

Their native land the old songs of the skalds, which the fathers sang to their sons, and the sons again to their sons, passing tion as a most precious heritage. them on It is to each new genera- true that Christianity was introduced into Iceland towards the end of the tenth century, but before that time the people had preserved the songs of their forefathers, first by means of very imperfect and then by the runes, use of letters which had been brought to them from other lands, besides which the Christian priests, were far who were mostly from wishing to destroy the old Many tales.

Guilt rests Thus the gods break upon them. — Evil portents precede the coming horrors. Iduna, the distributor of the apples of immortal youth, sinks from her bright home amid gloomy depths below. the boughs of the Ash ask her the meaning of her leaving them. her, for Yggdrasil, into the She can only weep when the messengers Bragi remains with with youth, games and song also pass away. ASGARD AND THE 14 Baldur's death. —The signs bear witness of is without sleep, its day of judgment approaches, and new coming.

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