Are we deceivin go urselves again by Shourie A

By Shourie A

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Your options for what can go where are so limited that in the diagram above we have listed mostly what remains of your available choices rather than what can’t go in certain lanes because it’s more clear. 23. If N represents J, what must be true? 1 2 3 r(LNOPS) N/L P/O O c(FGHJK) F 4 O/P K 5 L/S Because of the block, and the fact that N must come before S, N can only represent J in lane 1. Since K must be in lane 4, the block must be distributed O in 2, F in 3, P in 4, G in 5. So the only place for H to go is in lane 2.

So all the answers must be true except (B), since both moderates actually vote against Datalog. C. All Rights Reserved. com 800-2-REVIEW rt PrepTest 7 section 2 question 19 LSAT Game IV: questions 19-24. Five runners— LNOPS— are each assigned to a lane, 1-5, and a charity— FGHJK. S Deductions: P and S cannot be in lane 1, P and N cannot be in lane 5. Also, since there must be two lanes between O and G, neither can be in lane 3, since that would force the other to be in lane zero or lane 6, neither of which exists.

C) No. Only modern critics’ understanding of Webster is discussed. (D) No. The morality play has recently been used to illuminate Elizabethan drama, but Webster was not strongly influenced by the morality play. (E) No. It has been the over-estimation of the importance of the morality play, which according to the passage did not exert a strong influence on Webster, that has led to judgments of his incompetence. C. All Rights Reserved. com 800-2-REVIEW rt PrepTest 7 section 3 question 10 LSAT Passage II: Webster’s complicated and contradictory characters are not, as some critics claim, signs of his incompetence, but rather signs of his complexity and the lack of influence of morality plays on his work.

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