Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide: The Rules - And How to Bend Them by Carolyn Gerin

By Carolyn Gerin

Following the best-selling Anti-Bride Guide and Bridesmaid's Guide down the aisle comes the basic, clever, and sassy etiquette consultant for the not-so-traditional bride. This feisty and easy recommendation e-book fills a big hole within the marriage ceremony etiquette marketplace. A insurrection to learn and full of daring illustrations, it walks the bride via every little thing from invites and seating preparations to funds issues and family members feuds. even if fielding vintage conundrums who can pay for what or decidedly sleek occasions the maid of honor is a manAnti-Bride Etiquette Guide bargains delicate recommendation for skillfully navigating the tough spots. artistic strategies for dodging outdated traditions make sure that brides will preserve everybody from grooms to grandmothers chuffed. For the bride who doesn't are looking to sacrifice the marriage of her desires or her enjoyed ones' emotions, Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide has the solutions.

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