Antenna handbook. Vol.4, Related topics by Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

By Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

Quantity four: comparable themes discusses themes relating to antenna concept, layout, and alertness. DLC: Antennas (Electronics)

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23. TE tn - and TEzo-mode cutoff wavelength of ridged waveguides. 5. 45. (After Hopfer /9/. © 1955 1EEE) \ \ \, Trlllnsmission Lines and Waveguides 28-47 Based on a power-voltage definition. the ridge-guide characteristic admittance for the TEJ() mode is plotted in Fig. 24. Tables 10 and 11 give the essential characteristics of commonly used singleand double-ridge guides. The parameters are defined in Fig. 22, where R I and R2 are the radii of curvature of the edges. 6. Hybrid-Mode Waveguides The transmission lines to be discussed in· this section include circular and rectangular dielectric waveguides and the corresponding image guides, slot lines, and fin lines.

I'-... ~ ~ r----. 0 0 / rr........ ........ r-..... ~ ...... ~ ..... ~ --- """"" ..... r::::::::r-.... r-...... l, VIO --- =YJt~i"'-o ~ ~ ...... ~ i .... 0 2 5 10 RELATIVE WIDTH (W/h) Fig. 12. The normalized dissipation factor of triplate stripline, showing the effect of thickness. 28-29 \ Related Topics 28-30 4. Planar Quasi-TEM Transmission Lines Planar quasi-TEM transmission lines are transmission lines of metallic layers deposited on a dielectric substrate. The complete conductor pattern can be deposited and processed on a single dielectric substrate which may be supported by a metal ground plane.

Sams & Company; reprinted with permission) I © 1985 I 0 1111 \ GROUND PLANE Fig. 29. Cross section of image guide. (After Jordan {1/, © 1985 Howard W. Sams & Company; reprinted with permission) The above formulas are not very accurate near the cutoff frequencies. More accurate data are obtainable by using a number of techniques, the simplest of which is the effective dielectric constant (EDC) method [12]. Fig. 30 shows the HEll dispersion characteristics calculated by EDC and by the above formulas for a dielectric waveguide with alb = 1 and €2 = €3 = 1.

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