Analytical Methods for Geochemical Exploration by J. C. Van Loon

By J. C. Van Loon

Written for the training analyst, Analytical tools for Geochemical Exploration bargains completely verified chemical research tools for opting for what base or worthy metals are in geochemical exploration samples, resembling rocks, soil, or sediment. thought is stored to a minimal and whole methods are supplied in order that no extra resources are had to behavior analyses

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T h e scale is e x p a n d e d in o r d e r to set the upper standard near full scale. A graph is p r e p a r e d , and the t w o standard points are joined by a straight line. Sample c o n c e n t r a t i o n s are obtained from the graph. All precautions to minimize interferences and to correct for background apply. 9. Special Procedures P r o c e d u r e s based on flame and electrothermal atomizations are satisfactory for determinations of many elements of geological interest. S o m e elements have poor sensitivities in flames, as s h o w n in Table 2 .

Inorganic acids used in sample preparation have a suppressing effect. Nitric acid c a u s e s severe suppression of selenium. G a s p h a s e interferences are related to the m e c h a n i s m of hydride atomization. For example, a quartz tube analyzer was subject to less interference than an a r g o n hydrogen flame or a graphite furnace (15). M a n y w o r k e r s h a v e tried to r e d u c e the interferences d u e to sample matrix by increasing acid and sodium b o r o h y d r i d e c o n c e n t r a t i o n s and by adding complexing agents of various kinds prior to hydride formation.

E a c h lamp should be operated for a brief time (about 30 min) each month even if it has not been required for analytical work. A weak lamp can sometimes be regenerated by reversing the leads to the electrodes and operating the lamp at a few milliamperes for about 10 min. Some multielement lamps are marketed on the basis of saving the cost of several single-element l a m p s . Dual-element lamps of closely related elements such as magnesium/calcium and sodium/potassium have performed well in the a u t h o r s ' laboratory.

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