After 900 Years, Background of Schism between Eastern and by Yves Cougar, O.P.

By Yves Cougar, O.P.

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Shotoku: Ethnicity, Ritual, and Violence in the Japanese Buddhist Tradition

Prince Shotoku (573? -622? ), the purported founding father of jap Buddhism, is generally often called Japan's first nationwide hero. The cult that grew up round his reminiscence is well-known as some of the most very important phenomena in early eastern faith. This publication examines the production and evolution of the Shotoku cult over the approximately 2 hundred years following his deatha interval that observed a sequence of progressive advancements within the heritage of eastern faith.

Mullā Ṣadrā Shīrazī, His Life and Works and the Sources for Ṣafavid Philosophy

Mulla Sadra Shirazi is the 1st try out in English to provide an intensive preparatory research of the highbrow biography of this recognized Safavid philosopher. prior makes an attempt via different thinkers were marred via ideological prejudice and the shortcoming of great highbrow rigour. a formal realizing of Islamic highbrow historical past calls for the research of canonical thinkers, of which Mulla Sadra is definitely one within the philosophical culture of Iran.

The Holy Madmen of Tibet

During the prior millennium, convinced Tibetan Buddhist yogins have taken on profoundly norm-overturning modes of gown and behaviour, together with draping themselves in human continues to be, eating dirt, upsetting others to violence, or even acting sacrilege. They grew to become identified everywhere as "madmen" (smyon pa, said nyönpa), reaching a level of saintliness within the procedure.

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THE SOLIDIFICATION OF DIVERGENT WAYS OF THINKING These cultural and religious differences are very important; consequently, even where the fundamental positions are iden44 CULTURAL FACTORS felt, is almost everything still deal, is different because differently interpreted, construed, expressed why we have given so much our book, Divided Christendom. ing criticism raised by and experienced. That space to these elements in 42 The extremely interest- which we have Vl. Lossky, since taken into account, has not shaken our actual convictions confirmed since by so many facts, and which are likewise the convictions of some excellent experts and friends of the East.

The installation of a Latin Emperor and of and the distribution of Byzantine Latin nobles. In short, there was a Latin patriarch territories as fiefs all to the the hatefulness of an armed occupation. " 57 However, Innocent III saved the honor of the papacy and of the Before the enterprise, he condemned it, Christian name. 11 hostile projects tian Byzantines; after the capture against the Chris- of the city at the insti- gation of the Venetians, he accepted the event and saw in it a means, providentially allowed by God perhaps, to re- union and to group the Christian forces against the Turks* But he emphatically disavowed the outrages establish committed against the Byzantines.

VARYING DEVELOPMENT OF EASTERN AND WESTERN CULTURAL IDEALS. The ally Latins considered the Greeks inordinately subtle; actu- the Greeks' quibbling and they often complained about 31 AFTER NINE HUNDRED YEARS their perfidy. 10 vented It was the Greeks, they the heresies. all 11 The said, Greeks, for their part, accused the Latins of barbarism and lack of culture. West been overrun by the Fifth Century ? 12 and It barians of Roman Empire, so its schools of Antiquity without a Whereas the West, after being overrun by the barand resuming life with them, was in great part igno- rantwith Church erate the has often been noted that just as culture perpetuated those its Had not the barbarians since the beginning Constantinople perpetuated the break.

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