Advances in Metallurgical and Mining Engineering by Edited by Hongxi Zhu Linjiang Wang

By Edited by Hongxi Zhu Linjiang Wang

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5×N7+2×3. 145×108×N13×N2×N72=0 (13) 4 The other 7 equations after being processed are similar to the Eq. 13, no longer list. Take alkali-containing slag at production site as standard slag, the composition is shown in table 2. Take 10g slag and convert it into moles based on the percentage of slag composition in experiment program, these moles are used to represent a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h in the equations. 11 Hongxi Zhu and Linjiang Wang 31 Because the equation set is a higher mode nonlinear equation set, the determination cannot be used for solving the problem directly.

5 (6) tc ( d ) The tc(d) is “the characteristic reaction time” representing the required time of a completely oxidation of the sample. It can be regarded as criterion for determining the reaction rate. Usually, the larger the characteristic time is, the slower the reaction rate is. The active energy ∆E and constant Bt is obtained by fitting at least two temperature experimental data, and the oxidation kinetics curves at other temperatures could be quantitatively predicted by Eq. 5. Hongxi Zhu and Linjiang Wang If the temperature is the invariable, defining the constant H 2ν m written as ξ= pO2 19 2 K 0 D 0 exp(− ∆RTE ) as Bp , the Eq.

Especially now, as the Four High (High feed, High matte grade, High oxygen concentration, High volumetric heat capacity) technology [5] has being used to improve the single production ability of the flash smelting furnace, the furnace heat load has being increased correspondingly, and thus, the flash smelting furnace, especially the inner wall of reaction shaft, will be damaged more rapid [6,7]. Therefore, how to protect the reaction shaft is the main problem to be solved for intensified flash smelting process.

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