Adolescents, Sex, and the Law: Preparing Adolescents for by Roger J. R. Levesque

By Roger J. R. Levesque

Univ. of Indiana, Indianapolis. Examines the truth of adolescent lifestyles in the course of the lens of sexuality. Discusses the social and felony heritage of youth within the united states, criminal precedents within the legislation of adolescent sexuality, universal parts of felony keep watch over, and the author's concept for social and criminal reforms.

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The cases signaled the Court’s move toward a new conception of adolescents’ rights, one that emphasized the adolescent’s, rather than the parent’s, relationship with the state. These cases initially suggested a groundswell of support for recognizing adolescents’ rights and led numerous commentators to conclude that adolescents had achieved legal personhood. Yet even the initial recognition remained limited, and those limitations grew as the Supreme Court revisited cases dealing with adolescents’ rights.

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