Accounting Database Design by Derek Liew

By Derek Liew

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Income Statement by Segment 4. Balance Sheet 5. Transaction Listing 1) Using SQL to produce Trial Balance Let us open our first table, the COA Table, and enter the following list of information in each of the fields we have created, as detailed below: The Chart of Account (COA) Table will consist all the accounts elements, that the Journal Table, would reference by matching its records with its GL_ID field ( foreign key), against the primary field, GL_ID, created in the COA Table, in order to pull the relevant records residing in each of the fields contained in the COA Table.

Finally, we’ll walk you through creating query to produce report using the SQL Query Analyzer. Who This Book Is For? This book is targeted for database developer, database administrator, accountant and university students, who wants to increase their knowledge and skill set in designing and developing a relational accounting database, and have interest in writing SQL query for accounting reports. This book assumes you are an inexperienced user of Microsoft SQL Server, and will guide you how to install Microsoft SQL Server and how to use SQL Query Analyzer to create query to generate accounting reports.

0 or higher. For the purpose of our case study, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for Personal Edition would be used. You can choose to install other version in your workstation, but you need to check the minimum requirement before you begin installing other version of Microsoft SQL Server. 1. To install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (Personal Edition), insert the SQL Server 2000 CD. exe program to begin the installation process. 2. Next, you will see a pop-up Welcome screen that will lead you to installing Microsoft SQL Server.

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