A Sea Without Fish-- Life in the Ordovician Sea of the by Richard Arnold Davis, David L. Meyer

By Richard Arnold Davis, David L. Meyer

The zone round Cincinnati, Ohio, is understood in the course of the global for the considerable and lovely fossils present in limestones and shales that have been deposited as sediments at the sea ground in the course of the Ordovician interval, approximately 450 million years ago--some 250 million years sooner than the dinosaurs lived. In Ordovician time, the shallow sea that lined a lot of what's now the North American continent teemed with marine existence. The Cincinnati region has yielded a few of the world's so much ample and best-preserved fossils of invertebrate animals reminiscent of trilobites, bryozoans, brachiopods, molluscs, echinoderms, and graptolites. So recognized are the Ordovician fossils and rocks of the Cincinnati sector that geologists use the time period "Cincinnatian" for strata of a similar age in all places North the US. This e-book synthesizes greater than a hundred and fifty years of analysis in this fossil treasure-trove, describing and illustrating the fossils, the lifestyles behavior of the animals represented, their groups, and dwelling relations, in addition to the character of the rock strata within which they're discovered and the environmental stipulations of the traditional sea.

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