A Guide to Philosophy in Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes by Witold Gombrowicz

By Witold Gombrowicz

Probably somebody within the Amazon group can disabuse me of this concept, yet this publication turns out virtually totally valueless. if you'd like a truly fast advent to those philosophers, you'll do higher on Wikipedia (especially the German version). Gombrowicz is, i believe, one of many significant novelists of the final century. His brief tales are super; "Cosmos" within the new translation is a masterpiece. i presumed that no matter if I wasn't persuaded by means of his tackle philosophy, i'd study whatever approximately him, or approximately his novels; and that i additionally concept I'de be entertained, simply because he could be fabulously funny.

But i will not get any perception into his novels from this; it truly is it sounds as if meant to be whimsical, yet for me, not less than, there's not a lot whimsy right here. and that i wouldn't learn it for info approximately those philosophers.

But if anyone in the market could make the relationship among his novels and this publication, i might feel free to listen to approximately it.

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He asks: why does the façade of a cathedral charm us, when a simple wall does not interest us? It is because the will to live of matter is expressed in weight and resistance. Now, a wall does not dis- 31 witold gombrowicz play the game of these forces, since each particle of the wall both resists and carries weight. While a cathedral façade shows these forces in action, since the columns resist and the capitals press down. We see the struggle between weight and resistance. He also explains to us why a twisted (curved) column does not satisfy us.

Therefore, if I myself am a thing, I must seek my absolute in my intuition, what I am in my essence. ” Here a door opens to a new philosophical thinking: philosophy stops being an intellectual demonstration, in order to enter into direct contact with life. For me (in France, almost no one shares my opinion) it is an extremely important date that opens the path to Nietzsche’s will to power, and to all of existential philosophy. We must understand that Schopenhauer’s metaphysical system did not take hold; in this sense, Schopenhauer did not express something solid.

One cannot imagine empty consciousness. The well-known identity principle, A equals A (chair is chair), is not carried out here. The Being of consciousness is, in this sense, an imperfect being. But let us go further. The Being in itself cannot disappear. It is independent of time and space. It is as it is, nothing more. While existence, the Being for itself, is a limited being, with an end, which dies. (This is at least how our existence appears to our consciousness. ” A chair stands for an amount 57 witold gombrowicz of energy, and this energy can transform itself into another object, or remain unchanged energy, while human existence begins and ends (birth and death).

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